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How lovely! A gallery for images of significance. The trouble is, until an author publishes a dozen books or so, images of significance are a bit scarce. So, I shall fill these spaces with images representative of the settings for planned books to come, by way of hinting at the future of my extensive personal bibliography.


He awoke the following morning in his old room, sprawled half on the bed and half on the floor. His mouth felt so dry that his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth and his temples throbbed in rhythm with his heartbeat. His mind was foggy. He couldn't remember getting home or what else had happened at the public house. He moved his head around carefully to look at the other side of the bed, grateful to find himself alone. Every man knew the dangers of disease that accompanied carousing with the whores of the gin houses.
  He noted with some relief that he was still fully dressed. His crushed hat was reassuringly hung on the corner bedpost.
  If the woman had come back with him, it appeared that he had at least escaped the dangers of infection. His eyes popped open suddenly and he practically dived towards the chest of drawers despite his throbbing head. He gave it a push off the loose floorboard with his shoulder and peeled back the board where he had hidden the gold watch. It was gone.

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