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The route to his old lodgings were imprinted on the stamp of his tarnished soul. He crossed London Bridge, stopping only for a moment to look over the old wall at the flowing river. His thoughts didn’t formulate in words, but he had a feeling of time and the significance of the flowing water that somehow applied to things past, perhaps cleansed by the passage of time itself. He quickly moved onward past the monument and was surprised by a new train station where a row of old buildings should be. The rail system appeared to have spread prolifically across the landscape of the city in his absence.

My Work

My works will be explained as they are released over the year 2013. I hope to release at least three projects in the coming year. Time will tell if I reach my goal. The first project, Jack Dawkins, at least must be finished, preferably early in the year. It cries out for the satisfaction of existence, whatever may come after.

I have been working on Jack since mid-2012 and will endeavour to have it released in May 2013. Meanwhile, please feel free to click on the tab for Chapter One and enjoy the beginning of a story that has needed to be written since Charles Dickens since introduced us to the Artful Dodger, aka Jack Dawkins, in his novel Oliver Twist.

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